Life  Force  Marketing

Prosperity Teachings and Marketing Direction for
Holistic Practitioners and Heart-Centered Solo-preneurs

Learn How to Grow Your Business

If self-promotion is something you don’t enjoy or have difficulty making time for, if you’re longing to attract more clients, but you’re not sure what to do next — or if you’re wondering “How should I promote my business?” — we can help you get started today.


Calling all massage therapists,health coaches, Feldenkrais and Alexander practitioners, therapeutic bodyworkers, somatic educators, acupuncturists, herbalists, energy workers, intuitive healers, spiritual and life coaches, dance/art/and music therapists, and other heart-centered businesses… 

We’re here for you! 

Have You Reached a Crossroads?

Do you need to reinvigorate a practice that's gone a little stale? Have you added something new to your business or practice? Time for rebranding? Moving to a new location or going solo after working in a group practice? Is it time to learn about marketing a brand new business? We can help.

Wonder How to Find New Clients? What if They Could Find You Instead?

By aligning yourself with our holistic approach to marketing you can attract the kind of clients you love working with. You can do good things for your pocketbook. You can move in the direction of your larger mission. You can increase the amount of good you do in the world.

Is Your Dislike for Marketing Holding Back Your Progress?

As a holistic healing artist or creative entrepreneur trying to make a living at what you love, you may not know where to begin or even dread the idea of self-promotion. I understand completely! There's a way to approach your marketing without feeling sleazy or pushy. You can promote yourself and what you offer and still remain true to your values. Meriah Kruse, Marketing Coach

If you like to put your heart into your work...

If you do holistic, somatic, wellness or healing work with individuals or groups...

Provide creative, educational or personal services to customers or clients...

Or you're starting something new after a lifetime of working for someone else...

Life Force Marketing was made for You!

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