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I've made a starter kit that begins where many of our coaching relationships begin -- with creating a vivid vibrant Vision! Click on the red button below to request your FREE copy of "5 Key Actions for IGNITING A POWERFUL VISION. You're welcome 🙂

If self-promotion is something you don't enjoy or have difficulty making time for, if you're longing to attract more of your favorite clients -- but you're not sure what to do next -- we can help you get started today.


We're here to support YOU, the holistic healer, solo service provider and retiree with a new business idea grow a larger clientele and manifest the business you're dreaming of.

Designed for those who have a mission in life, who don’t enjoy (or have time for) marketing and may feel squeamish about selling  -- our program focuses on providing a friendly approach that will put you on a path to a larger, more sustainable business working with the kind of clients you most enjoy.


Through coaching, teaching, and/or implementing your marketing strategy with a la carte services -- depending on what you need and want.



a la CARTE

If your marketing needs an overhaul,  you're rethinking your brand, or  you're starting something from scratch -- and you want someone guiding you through the  process -- coaching is for you. I'll help you identify the choices to make, the actions to take to achieve what you are after. Providing encouragement, feedback, clarification, and concrete direction on what to do next and how to do it,  from defining your Vision to implementing your Strategic Marketing Plan, I'm with you every step of the way. We can also work together if you're already fully engaged in a marketing plan but need coaching on a new initiative or unfamiliar activity -- or if you're feeling stuck. The specifics of how we work together  are tailored to your situation and fully take into account what you want to accomplish, your resources and values. 

If you want to learn how to attract the clients you love to work with, increase your visibility in your community or online, and do most of the work on your own, I'm happy to teach you many practical aspects of self- marketing.  If I'm working with you in a teaching capacity I'll help you identify some of the self-marketing steps that can increase your visibility. Selecting the ones that seem best suited to your needs, I'll teach you how to take the steps yourself.  For instance, you can learn to build and update a new WordPress website, write and tell a compelling story about yourself and your work, set up e-newsletters with a new email provider, do effective follow-up, promote your free consultations, set up automatic email messages, make Facebook event pages, optimize your Linked In account, and much more. 

Primarily interested in commissioning specific marketing services without any teaching or coaching attached?   WordPress website production, writing a series of blog posts or email messages, setting up an email service provider to build your mailing list, preparing an original design for a logo or business card,  creating a newsletter, co-writing a script or coaching you on delivering a presentation you have to give, setting up your Power Point, writing your Linked In profile or a press release, producing events, and other services are available on an a la carte basis. My coaching clients get first dibs on my time for a la carte services, but I'm open to working with others as time allows.


Have You Reached a Crossroads?

Do you need to reinvigorate a practice that's gone a little stale? Have you added something new to your business or practice? Time for rebranding? Moving to a new location or going solo after working in a group practice? Starting something brand new? We can help.

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Are You Frustrated that You're Not Serving Enough People?

By aligning yourself with a holistic approach to marketing you can find the kind of clients you love working with. You can do good things for your pocketbook. You can move in the direction of your larger mission. You can increase the amount of good you do in the world.

Are You Reluctant or Shy about Promoting Yourself?

As a holistic healing artist or creative entrepreneur trying to make a living at what you love, you may not know where to begin or even dread the idea of self-promotion. I understand completely! There's a way to approach your marketing without feeling sleazy or pushy. You can promote yourself and what you offer and still remain true to your values. Meriah Kruse, Marketing Coach


Guidance every step of the way, from defining your Vision to implementing your Strategic Marketing Plan. The specifics of how we work together are always tailored to your specific needs and intentions.


I'm happy to teach you many practical aspects of marketing, including building and maintaining your own WordPress website, securing free professional photos for your use, working inside of Facebook to promote your business, and much more.


You can commission specific a la carte services, no coaching attached. As time allows, I can put together your website, design a brochure, set up Facebook or Linked in profiles, write a video script or press release, co-produce events, and more.

If you like to put your heart into your work...

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If you do holistic healing work with individuals or groups...

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Provide creative, educational or personal services to customers or clients...

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Or you're starting something new after a lifetime of working for someone else...

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