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The holistic vision-based approach I’m sharing with you here in Life Force Marketing is a distillation of what I’ve learned by working for over 35 years with myriad partners, teachers and coaches — many of them the best in their fields — and from thousands of life experiences in which I’ve practiced and applied what I learned.

This has included my participation in a leadership role in an array of projects and enterprises, both for-profit and non-profit, over a 35 year period.

The journey began with operating a cleaning and painting service in California with a single partner and included a part in starting two tiny dance organizations, each of which eventually sprouted into statewide forces in the Arts — one in California and one in Kentucky.

Photo: Meriah Kruse, 1992, by Anne Roberts

Founding, marketing and managing organizations, companies and long-term projects:

Meriah Kruse, 2017

A Few of the Particulars:

  • 25-year career as a dance educator, choreographer and administrator with arts organizations in California and Kentucky: audience and board development, marketing, performing arts management, grant writing
  • Seven years in a leadership position with a prominent network marketing company, during which time I was influential in helping over a thousand people start their own home-based wellness businesses.
  • Launching and building a 25-year private practice in massage therapy, the Feldenkrais Method and Bones for Life: marketing, live event production, curriculum development, public speaking
  • Founder and operations manager for annual outdoor dance festivals:  grantwriting, audience development, press and public relations 
  • Features Writer for national wellness magazine: interviewing and writing articles re: holistic healing practitioners and events, monthly marketing column
  • Founding and operating an adventure travel company in which I led groups to Maui, Mexico, S.Carolina and Kentucky: internet marketing, logistics, program development
  • Program manager for an opera company: marketing liaison and operations
  • Most recently, founding a greeting card company, incorporating my own original abstract designs: event production, custom designs for small businesses, website development and management (WordPress) 
  • Author of several books-in-progress on the subjects of: marketing, changing your inner story, aging optimistically and the importance of creativity.
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