Proof is on the Way: Perseverance

Finally, after almost 90 dizzying days of working digitally with the formatting, the cover design, and getting it all to work in the mechanized bowels of Amazon's printing arm, CreateSpace, I will be receiving my very first PRINTED PROOF of my upcoming book in 2 more days!  Just when I was beginning to wonder if my manuscript would ever leap from the computer screen onto actual paper, something shifted. I'm thrilled to say that the Proof is on the Way. I'm telling you all of this, not because I imagine you're particularly fascinated by the self-publishing process, but because I want to illustrate with my own personal example that moving in the direction of something new, something really worthy, will always result in obstacles to overcome and the need to re-commit, over and over. 

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The Prosperity Guidebook is born!

Design and Photo by Meriah Kruse Have you ever written a book? I'm putting the finishing touches on my first one right now and, believe me, the process has been one learning experience after another.  Just 2 days ago, literally in the final days of the manuscript and cover design, I realized I needed to change the subtitle of the book. That came as a lightning bolt!  After weeks of editing and…

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Invulnerable Practice for Living Well

Photo by Jason Leung, Unsplash Whenever I need a quick boost of energy or a shift in my attitude, I know exactly what to do.Having a tool in my toolbox that is so reliably transformative gives me confidence that I can find a path to a happy Life regardless of how I’m feeling on a particular day. The tool I lean on and cultivate is something that sounds so simple it’s easy…

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BOOK and excerpts

“Life Force Marketing” will be available on this website, and through, in July 2018 Book Cover Design and Photo by Meriah Kruse CLICK HERE to send us a message. Let us know if you'd like to be put on a notification list or place a pre-order…We'll get back with you shortly In the meantime, enjoy the two excerpts below.Excerpt #1,  from Step 5:COMPOSE Your Compelling StoriesIn his best-selling book Tribes: We Need You to…

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Crowdfunding a Big Success!

Photo by James Hammond, from Unsplash You may have noticed some fairly substantial recent changes to this website... especially the inclusion of 2 excerpts from our upcoming book:  Life Force Marketing: A Prosperity Guidebook for Holistic Practitioners Who Don't Like Marketing!  Thanks to over 50 friends, colleagues, and family members who contributed to our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, our self-publishing adventure is about to take flight!  A few steps to go... Final…

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Chinese Bamboo

Mary Morrissey, Founder Life Mastery Institute   Mentor Gratitude quote #1, from Mary Morrissey:  Do you know how Chinese bamboo grows? Chinese bamboo is a fragile plant. If you plant Chinese bamboo, and take really good care of it, it requires a certain pH in the soil, certain sunlight, certain amounts of water.   And if you take really good care of that plant the first year, it grows maybe 2 inches…

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Transitions After 50

Recently I was invited to sit on a panel at the Univ. of KY Alumni Association for their annual event:  "Recalculating: Career Direction After 50" Workshop.  Myself and fellow panel members spoke about our own career transitions and things we've learned along the way.  I fell in love with the 50 or so men and women in attendance, such capable people in various circumstances, looking for their next steps in career and…

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All 1 million of us…

Photo by Natalie Collins, from Unsplash Talking with a friend today, another member of this Tribe of mine. I'm saying there are 1 million of us in this Tribe, but that number came from nowhere in particular. If I add up all the massage therapists, acupuncturists, energy workers, Feldenkrais practitioners, voice coaches, dance educators, feng shui teachers, meditation instructors and on and on... Those of us who work with clients and small…

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Two Strands Converge

Photo by Andrew Palmer, from Unsplash Life Force Marketing was born from two converging strands. One is a deep appreciation for holistic healing practitioners, mission-driven artists and solopreneurs -- and retirees venturing into the business world for the first time. The second strand? A desire to share what I've learned during 30+ years of promoting people, events, causes and organizations that matter to me. Incorporating not only this historical wisdom, but also…

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