Vision is the Beginning of Every Great Endeavor

e-book SNEAK PEEK available


We’re producing new resources to help you move in the direction of your aspirations or grow your business every week.  Here’s the latest addition:  A first peek inside the comprehensive clientele-expansion process described in our soon-to-be-published book:

Life Force Marketing: Build a Prosperous Holistic Practice in 10 Steps (even if you don’t like marketing) 

by Meriah Kruse

Order Your Sneak Peek, and take a look inside, free of charge, today.  The full book is expected to be in print by May 2018.

"Meriah has an incredible ability to listen and help sort through the complex layers of a newly emerging vision; layers that involve history, new directions, strategy and the practical organization of tasks. She can also implement tasks in and around design work; her designs are beautiful and get results. Meriah also has a remarkable ability to sense when a gentle gesture of mirroring a new idea I have is needed. And she also knows when a slightly stronger suggestion is in need - such as helping me to think about how to pace myself. I feel in good hands with Meriah, and also, I feel as if she is guiding me to "take a hand" so to speak, in my own process of rebranding and repositioning my work. I unhesitatingly recommend Meriah and Life Force Marketing." - Katie Bull, Whole Body Voice (c)
Katie, New York, NY
Holistic Voice Coach
“Meriah Kruse has endless enthusiasm and has been a great support as a marketing coach. She has given me a new way of thinking about marketing as a Holistic Practitioner. She has helped me create focused strategies to reach my ideal client. Meriah has shown me the power of using plain talk instead of resume talk and industry jargon."
Franki, Lexington KY
Health Coach
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