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Chinese Bamboo

Mary Morrissey, Founder Life Mastery Institute   Mentor Gratitude quote #1, from Mary Morrissey:  Do you know how Chinese bamboo grows? Chinese bamboo is a fragile plant. If you plant Chinese bamboo, and take really good care of it, it requires a certain pH in the soil, certain sunlight, certain amounts of water.   And if you take really good care of that plant the first year, it grows maybe 2 inches…

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Transitions After 50

Recently I was invited to sit on a panel at the Univ. of KY Alumni Association for their annual event:  "Recalculating: Career Direction After 50" Workshop.  Myself and fellow panel members spoke about our own career transitions and things we've learned along the way.  I fell in love with the 50 or so men and women in attendance, such capable people in various circumstances, looking for their next steps in career and…

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