A Confident Marketer

A Confident Marketer

Every morning when I wake up, and each evening before going to sleep, I take an inner inventory of my “frame of mood.” As we all know, these are key times of day when it’s especially important to meditate, do a gratitude practice, write in our journal, or in some other way “center down,” go within, reconnect to our spiritual side.

Lately, I’ve been paying close attention to where I am on what I calll the ‘Confidence Continuum.’

Confidence stems from a mind and body experience of Self in the present moment. It is visceral, it is physical, emotional and mental. It is a ‘feeling tone snapshot’ of our view of ourselves in a particular moment. It is variable, going up and down under the influence of outside circumstances, historical events, and our interpretation of what’s happening. Confidence is only peripherally visible, but it can move mountains and spread beauty in the bleakest of environments. Confidence is a kind of currency. It can be traded for access to any room, or any conversation, in the world. Without it, we are hamstrung, we are hesitant, and we have much less fun on the journey of Life.

Gradually I realized its importance, and also how malleable Confidence is — that is, how we can change where we are on that Continuum anytime we want.

That’s why I’m emphasizing the importance of reflecting on our Self-Confidence, what happens when we have a plentiful supply and when we don’t, and the strategies and methods that contribute to an overall growth in self-confidence. 

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