Meriah Kruse

Life Force Marketing provides prosperity teachings and marketing direction for
holistic practitioners and heart-centered solo-preneurs in the form of coaching, writing and design services and educational workshops and retreats. Our book “Life Force Marketing: A Prosperity Guidebook for Holistic Practitioners Who Don’t Like Marketing” is expected to be available from Amazon by summer’s end, 2018. Meriah Kruse, Founder, CEO and primary Coach for LFM, has over 35 years experience in founding or leadership roles for an array of enterprises, both for-profit and non-profit, including a boutique greeting card company, an adventure travel company for women, two influential statewide dance organizations (California and Kentucky), a career in network marketing, and a 25-year private practice in therapeutic bodywork. 

Photo: Meriah Kruse in Jacobsen Park, 1992, by Anne Roberts

Meriah’s goal now is to positively impact the prosperity of professionals engaged in (what she calls) a “livelihood of the heart,” a *community that is a powerful force for good in the world. 

Her specialized area of marketing is designed for reluctant marketers who want to promote their work in a manner that feels genuine and doesn’t compromise their ethical standards. 

*Such as: massage therapists, Feldenkrais practitioners and other movement educators, choreographers, performing artists, wellness and health coaches, energy workers, acupuncturists, art, dance and music therapists, naturopaths, and spiritual and life coaches.

Founding, marketing and managing organizations, companies and long-term projects:

Meriah Kruse, 2017

Meriah Kruse’s business history…a few of the particulars:

  • 25-year career as a dance educator, choreographer and administrator with arts organizations in California and Kentucky: audience and board development, marketing, performing arts management, grant writing
  • Seven years in a leadership position with a prominent network marketing company, during which time I was influential in helping over a thousand people start their own home-based wellness businesses.
  • Launching and building a 25-year private practice in massage therapy, the Feldenkrais Method and Bones for Life: marketing, live event production, curriculum development, public speaking
  • Founder and operations manager for annual outdoor dance festivals:  grantwriting, audience development, press and public relations 
  • Features Writer for national wellness magazine: interviewing and writing articles re: holistic healing practitioners and events, monthly marketing column
  • Founding and operating an adventure travel company in which I led groups to Maui, Mexico, S.Carolina and Kentucky: internet marketing, logistics, program development
  • Program manager for an opera company: marketing liaison and operations
  • Most recently, founding a greeting card company, incorporating my own original abstract designs: event production, custom designs for small businesses, website development and management (WordPress) 
  • Author of several books-in-progress on the subjects of: marketing, changing your inner story, aging optimistically and the importance of creativity.