With clients throughout the United States.

 Since 1982 Meriah Kruse has been on a great adventure:  creating opportunities for all kinds of people to move, expand, succeed, learn, create, explore, evolve, achieve and be healthy.  She has an eclectic background – 30+ years in writing, marketing for small business, dance, therapeutic massage, cultural arts education, spiritual studies, and adventure travel programming. 

As CEO and Holistic Marketing Coach for Life Force Marketing, she is fully prepared to support holistic and creative visionaries and service providers, as well as retirees starting new businesses after a lifetime of working for someone else in the next step in their careers. Specifically, Meriah meets clients exactly where they’re at and provides support to make progress with whatever they need. Whether deciding on next steps, clarifying and re-wiring self-defeating work habits and habits of thinking, fleshing out a compelling vision,  getting smarter at the How-to and the Technology… that’s her chosen work.  Working with solopreneurs and micro-businesses who want help building stronger businesses by telling their story, acting from confidence and positive self-beliefs, and promoting themselves painlessly (even if they don’t like or understand marketing) is her passion. p.s. Technology novices also welcome!

Photo: Meriah Kruse in Jacobsen Park, 1992, by Anne Roberts

“I have a real appreciation for holistic practitioners and creative visionaries. I know that this group of people, most of whom have chosen to serve others as a livelihood-of-the-heart, are a dominant force for good in the world.

Many have been my peers: therapeutic bodyworkers, Feldenkrais movement educators, choreographers, performers, wellness and health coaches, energy workers, acupuncturists, art, dance and music therapists, network marketers, naturopaths, spiritual coaches and others.

Through a long process of marketing myself and my companies and projects, and 10 years of study with some of the finest online coaches in the business, I’ve honed my knowledge of a particular approach to marketing. I’m calling it ‘Holistic Marketing.’

Now I’ve written a book, created an online course, and formed a coaching practice in hopes of passing some of this knowledge on to you so you can avoid plodding thru years of trial and error and become successful much faster than I did.”

Meriah Kruse

Her coaching (and Feldenkrais) clients have included everyone from opera singers to entrepreneurs, acupuncturists to social workers, also network marketers, healers, massage therapists, dancers, musicians, meditators, ministers, educators, and people living with disabilities.

With her guidance, her marketing clients, especially those who don’t like selling, have plowed through doubt, overwhelm and confusion to become savvy advocates for their growing holistic and creative businesses and visionary projects.

You may know her as a former dancer and top wellness professional, but you probably don’t know that she once traveled to Kiev and advised the leaders of a Ukrainian industrial concern on the art of evaluating competition and forming joint ventures with American manufacturers.

A versatile micro-business owner, in the past three decades Meriah’s founded or operated more than a dozen different for-profit and non-profit companies and initiatives. She’s performed the roles of a marketing department, development team, public relations firm, brand manager, social media expert, event planner, booking agent, writer, and graphic designer. For the past 10 years she’s been trained and mentored by some of the top business coaches in the online space. She has also studied and practiced a wide variety of disciplines and approaches to personal and spiritual development for over 40 years.

Founding, marketing and managing organizations, companies and long-term projects:

Meriah Kruse, 2017

Meriah Kruse’s business history…a few of the particulars:

  • 25-year career as a dance educator, choreographer and administrator with arts organizations in California and Kentucky: audience and board development, marketing, performing arts management, grant writing
  • Seven years in a leadership position with a prominent network marketing company, during which time I was influential in helping over a thousand people start their own home-based wellness businesses.
  • Launching, marketing and building a 25-year private practice in massage therapy, the Feldenkrais Method and Bones for Life: promotion, live event production, curriculum development, public speaking
  • Founder and operations manager for annual outdoor dance festivals:  audience development, press and public relations 
  • Features Writer for national wellness magazine: interviewing and writing articles re: holistic healing practitioners and events, monthly marketing column
  • Founding, marketing and operating an adventure travel company in which I led groups to Maui, Mexico, S.Carolina and Kentucky: internet marketing, logistics, program development
  • Program manager for an opera company: marketing liaison and operations
  • Founding a greeting card company, incorporating my own original abstract designs: event production, custom designs for small businesses, website development and management (WordPress) 
  • Author of Life Force Marketing: A Prosperity Guidebook for Holistic Practitioners Who Don’t Like Marketing
  • Co-developer of online course, Radical Confidence: Discover a Powerful Source of Confidence and Shatter Self-Doubt
  • Several books-in-progress on the subjects of: changing your inner story, aging optimistically and the importance of creativity.