All 1 million of us…

Photo by Natalie Collins, from Unsplash

Talking with a friend today, another member of this Tribe of mine. I’m saying there are 1 million of us in this Tribe, but that number came from nowhere in particular. If I add up all the massage therapists, acupuncturists, energy workers, Feldenkrais practitioners, voice coaches, dance educators, feng shui teachers, meditation instructors and on and on… Those of us who work with clients and small groups, working out of a strong sense of mission… I’m saying that’s 1 million but it’s probably more. Anyway, in this conversation, we came to the realization that this Tribe has the ability to effect positive change in 20, 30, 50 times that number just by reaching the clients we’re meant to serve. THAT is why I’ve decided to be a  prosperity marketing coach — to help empower the 1 million to reach their people, multiply our impact exponentially and do our part to turn this world around toward the Good, the Beautiful, the Peaceful, the Balanced, the Visionary– and away from the fearful, the contracted, the un-generous, the violent.

Natalie Collins