An Encourager-in-Chief

An Encourager-in-Chief

The  Life Force Marketing book is finally in print and a copy in my hands! In just 10 more days a package of 100 or so of these “masterpieces” will arrive on my front stoop.  The UPS guy won’t know what hit him if I happen to be watching when he shows up with this long-awaited package !!

One of the reasons I wrote this book is that I have always loved encouraging others to achieve all that they could hope for.

I’ve been in the transformation business for decades in one form or another, and anyone who knows me well will tell you that the thing that makes me happiest is seeing someone become more able, more clear, more confident, etc., that they can move toward whatever it is they want in Life.

I think of myself as an “Encourager-in-Chief!” 

I know that, now that our book is finally published, it is filled to the brim with exercises and ideas that will provide a lot of encouragement for whoever decides to read it.

I hope you’ll be one of those readers. You can order your own copy right here:  ORDER YOUR BOOK.