How to Turn the Constraint of Secluding Ourselves into Openings for Something New to Emerge
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How to Turn the Constraint of Secluding Ourselves into Openings for Something New to Emerge

By Meriah Kruse, Feldenkrais Practitioner and Small Business Coach and Mentor I’ve probably said it 1000 times to clients as they work through an interesting *Feldenkrais lesson in my studio in Lexington, Kentucky: “A constraint is always an invitation to try something new that may not have occurred to you or been possible otherwise. “ In the usual context of a Feldenkrais lesson I’m often talking about something physical when I teach about…

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When Dormant Forces Come Alive

Dormant forces, faculties, and talents become alive... Rev. Michael Beckwith once gave a sermon at his church home, Agape International, in Los Angeles. I was wrapped up in a blanket watching him on their live stream from the comfort of my own living room as I often do on Sunday mornings. Sunday mornings with Agape is always moving, always inspiring, but this particular morning he said something, again and again, that just…

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Vision is the Beginning of Every Great Endeavor

Vision is the Beginning of Every Great Endeavor Starting with a Vision is needed because without it each of us is a ship without a destination.   Having a splendid technicolor, ‘felt’ Vision for yourself that thrills you to the very marrow of your bones is what provides the Life Force required for building and growing any enterprise and advancing toward the realization of any dream. If your understanding of your mission, your…

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Livelihood of the Heart

                                         I have a great appreciation for holistic practitioners and creative service providers. Many have been my peers during the past 25+ years: massage therapists, Feldenkrais practitioners and other movement educators, choreographers, performing artists, wellness and health coaches, energy workers, acupuncturists, art, dance and music therapists, naturopaths, and spiritual and life coaches.Many have chosen…

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Money: Expecting Enough

EXPECTING ENOUGH In one of my earlier professional incarnations, I was a dancer, choreographer, and dance educator. One of the many fun things about this work is that I frequently found myself standing in front of a room of people who expected me to lead. Usually it was a group of 8 – 30 people coming for an African dance or modern dance class. I loved teaching dance, and this kind of…

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Does Money Have a Set Point?
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Does Money Have a Set Point?

Join us in an ongoing exploration about Money, how to stop worrying about it, and how to make space for more of it to arrive. VISIT OUR SISTER SITE: today. Does Money Have a Set Point? Today I decided to talk to you straight up about something I rarely write about -- Money, and the relationships we have with it.  For most of my adult Life, worrying about Money was a…

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Your Brilliant Answer to the Question: “What do you do?”

If you bring forth a brilliant answer to the question, "What do you do?" or "Tell me about your work," you'll be well on your way to having a steady stream of clientele and better results from your referral partners. Using the 'right words,' telling the 'right story' about yourself, attracts the clients you've been looking for . The phrase ‘going viral’ entered our collective lexicon in the past decade, demonstrating graphically…

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Your Main Complaint

Here's Something to Ponder... "What would your Life be like without your main complaint?" This question was put forth by the great Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith of Agape International Spiritual Center in November 2018.   I love provocative questions that TEACH and this one definitely falls into that category!  Before I could answer, first I had to think about the concept of "main complaint." I think I know what he's getting at.  He's…

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A Confident Marketer

Every morning when I wake up, and each evening before going to sleep, I take an inner inventory of my "frame of mood." As we all know, these are key times of day when it's especially important to meditate, do a gratitude practice, write in our journal, or in some other way "center down," go within, reconnect to our spiritual side.Lately, I've been paying close attention to where I am on what…

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An Encourager-in-Chief

The  Life Force Marketing book is finally in print and a copy in my hands! In just 10 more days a package of 100 or so of these "masterpieces" will arrive on my front stoop.  The UPS guy won't know what hit him if I happen to be watching when he shows up with this long-awaited package !! One of the reasons I wrote this book is that I have always loved…

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