Money: Expecting Enough

EXPECTING ENOUGH In one of my earlier professional incarnations, I was a dancer, choreographer, and dance educator. One of the many fun things about this work is that I frequently found myself standing in front of a room of people who expected me to lead. Usually it was a group of 8 – 30 people coming for an African dance or modern dance class. I loved teaching dance, and this kind of…

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Does Money Have a Set Point?
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Does Money Have a Set Point?

Join us in an ongoing exploration about Money, how to stop worrying about it, and how to make space for more of it to arrive. Does Money Have a Set Point? Today I decided to talk to you straight up about something I rarely write about -- Money, and the relationships we have with it.  For most of my adult Life, worrying about Money was a constant battle, even though I’ve had…

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