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RADICAL CONFIDENCE, especially for the Holistic Practitioner

Uncover A Powerful Source of Confidence and Shatter Self-Doubt... so that you can grow the successful practice you long for and deserve

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What if you could uncover a source of Confidence you didn't know was hiding inside of you? What if you could grow more courage, more potent inner authority, a greater sense of your own agency... that state that we refer to as Self-Confidence? Would it be worth your time and effort?

The course, "RADICAL CONFIDENCE for the HOLISTIC PRACTITIONER" lives up to its sub-title: "Uncover a Powerful Source of Confidence and Shatter Self-Doubt So That You  Can Grow the Successful Practice That You Want and Deserve." It meets you in the present moment with smart, proven exercises that can transform your Self-Confidence to a greater level than you may have enjoyed in a long time, or ever.

Is this Course for You?

What is the Source of Confidence?

Our “RADICAL CONFIDENCE” Course barely mentions the subject of marketing, and it could be taken by anyone wanting to build their Confidence for any reason at all, personal or professional. However, because the primary focus of my work is assisting holistic practitioners and creative service providers in building healthier and more lucrative private  practices, there will be a certain thrust in that direction over the four weeks of our time together. Still, everyone is welcome.

If boiled down to the essential components, each contributor to Confidence comes down to one element: Confidence stems from a mind and body experience of Self in the present moment.  It is visceral, it is physical, emotional and mental. It is a ‘feeling tone snapshot’ of our view of ourselves in a particular moment. It is variable, going up and down under the influence of outside circumstances, historical events, and our interpretation of what’s happening. Confidence is only slightly visible, but it can move mountains and spread beauty in the bleakest of environments. Confidence is a kind of currency.  It can be traded for access to any room, or any conversation, in the world. Without it, we are hamstrung, we are hesitant, and we have much less fun on the journey of Life.

"We each fall somewhere on the 'Confidence Continuum.' Most of us can use a more plentiful supply of Confidence than we already have. Taking a Course on RADICAL CONFIDENCE doesn't mean that you're broken, or deficient, or a loser. It means you are optimizing your ability to reach your potential." Meriah Kruse

How Will Radical Confidence Transform Your Life?

Your Inner Life

Your Outer Life

  • A feeling of “everything is right with me and my world”
  • A reduction in daily anxiety
  • More light-heartedness
  • Less time spent focusing on the same old problems
  • A more joyful countenance
  • Unlocking more of your creativity
  • Less compulsive introspection, more ability to open up to Life
  • Access to solutions that may have eluded you in the past
  • Less need to control your circumstances and other people
  • Less time spent in doubt and uncertainty
  • More ability to make progress in what matters to you
  • More fun to be around
  • Your friends and colleagues will ask “Has something changed in you? What’s going on? You seem different!”
  • Quicker advancement toward your goals
  • Having an expectation of success
  • Seeing more clearly the path to right action
  • Demonstrating better judgment

This course also acts as a kind of  pre-requisite for practitioners who are considering an application for private coaching with Meriah, to take advantage of her many years of marketing experience with one-person businesses. Why?  Because by far the greatest hindrance for both novice and experienced self-marketers in taking the next step in promoting their services is a HIDDEN lack of self-confidence. This shortage usually comes into plain view reliably when the next step in business-building leads a practitioner out of her comfort zone. I’d estimate that **80% of the time Confidence is an obstacle for one-person businesses — even accomplished practitioners with healthy practices and years of self-promotion experience. Hard to believe?  Read on..

"Humility is the fulcrum of spiritual power. It's the beginning of beginner's mind."

Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

"To focus on building your inner capacity before embarking on a new or expansive project? It's like paving the road before driving cross-country. "

Meriah Kruse

** Where does this 80% number come from?  First, from anecdotal experience working with prospective and experienced small business people for many years. More quantitatively, I recently ran a survey, which was completed by 35 holistic practitioners. Roughly 1/3 are building brand new businesses, 1/4 working in businesses they are satisfied with, and the remainder who have existing businesses but want and need more clientele.  Taking the entire group of 35 into account, 83% professed that, in relationship to one or more areas of building a healthier practice, they feel less confident than they want to. Over 15% said that Confidence is an ongoing major issue for them. Admittedly, 35 people is a small sample, but I still find it persuasive.

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