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What if you could uncover a source of Confidence you didn't know was hiding inside of you? What if you could grow more courage, more potent inner authority, a greater sense of your own agency... that state that we refer to as Self-Confidence? Would it be worth your time and effort?

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RADICAL CONFIDENCE for Holistic and Creative Visionaries lives up to it promise:  “Discover a Powerful Source of Confidence and Shatter Self-Doubt…so you can fearlessly triumph in your business and your Life.”  It meets you in the present moment with smart, proven exercises and practices that will transform your Self-Confidence to a greater level than you may have enjoyed in a long time.

How Will Radical Confidence Transform Your Life?

Your Inner Life

  • A feeling of “everything is right with me and my world”
  • A reduction in daily anxiety
  • More light-heartedness
  • Less time spent focusing on the same old problems
  • A more joyful countenance
  • Unlocking more of your creativity
  • Less compulsive introspection, more ability to open up to Life
  • Access to solutions that may have eluded you in the past
  • Less need to control your circumstances and other people
  • Less time spent in doubt and uncertainty

Your Outer Life

  • Greater ability to say YES to the Life you are longing for
  • Stop saying NO to things you’d love to do but are too afraid to try.
  • More ability to make progress in what matters to you
  • More fun to be around
  • Your friends and colleagues will ask “Has something changed in you? What’s going on? You seem different!”
  • Quicker advancement toward your goals
  • Having an expectation of success
  • Seeing more clearly the path to right action
  • Demonstrating better judgment
  • Having more to share and more to give

“Why focus on building your inner capacity before embarking on a new project or undertaking?  It’s like paving the road before a cross-country drive!  Would you really rather drive on a cowpath?”

Meriah Kruse

Is this Course for Me?

This course is designed for you IF:

  • You are in business for yourself
  • You are a holistic practitioner, creative artist, or social change agent, or anyone else whose focus is on doing good in the world
  • You are worried about being able to support yourself
  • You are thinking of changing careers
  • You want to quit your job and go full-time in your side business
  • You want to start dating again
  • You want to feel more Confident socially
  • You want to get back a feeling of self-Confidence you had earlier in Life
  • You want to try something new
  • You want to go back to school
  • You want to travel solo
  • You want to begin sharing your art work publicly
  • You want to write a book
  • You want to alter your social standing
  • You want to embark on a demanding new project
  • You want to stand up to someone who brings you down or impedes your progress
  • You are planning a move to a different city, state, or country
  • You are trying to get up the nerve to change your look, your style, your way of presenting yourself or your business
  • You want to run for office
  • You want to ask for a raise
  • You want to plan a trip around the world or to a foreign country
  • You want to attend your first meditation retreat
  • You want to design a room addition for your home
  • You want to create a float for the 4th of July parade
  • You want to learn to Mambo
  • You want to jump out of an airplane
  • You want to stand up to, or leave, an abuser
  • You want to present an alternative viewpoint to someone important
  • You want to initiate institutional change
  • You want to apply for a new and exciting position that’s slightly beyond what you currently do
  • You want to try out for a part in community theater
  • You want to submit your first feature article to your local newspaper
  • You want to start a tech company in your garage
  • You want to form a band
Notice that most of these examples begin with “You want to…”  In other words, without sufficient Confidence, you may not be able to do something you are longing to do.

Can I Discover a Previously Untapped Source of Self-Confidence?

The short answer is, YES, you certainly can.

Confidence is your birthright, but it can remain hidden from view.  

It’s intangible, but it can move mountains and spread beauty in the bleakest of environments. 

Confidence is a kind of currency.  It can be traded for access to any room, or any conversation, in the world. 

Without it, you are hamstrung, you are hesitant, and you’ll have much less fun on the journey of Life.

Although it has historical elements, Confidence stems from a mind and body experience of yourSelf in the PRESENT moment. 

Confidence is visceral, it is physical, emotional and mental. It is a ‘feeling tone snapshot’ of how you view and feel about yourSelf and your ability to interact with the world. 

Confidence, in my opinion, is something that most of us are born with. Most babies, unless they are neurologically or in some other way severely challenged, will have the Confidence to attempt everything they need to do:  experiment with their bodies, roll over, stand up, smile at strangers, respond to love, speak, and so much more. 

This Confidence is innate.

As we grow up and enter adulthood we encounter experiences that add to our Confidence, and also those that diminish it.

If we find that, in the present, we’re facing a challenge, a new and exciting idea, or embarking on something that will need our “A GAME,” we may find we need to consciously uncover — rediscover — our innate Confidence and tend to it intentionally.  

That’s where our RADICAL CONFIDENCE Course comes into play. 

Confidence is something that we can uncover, repair, amplify, jumpstart and feed. In the process, we will begin to shatter self-doubt and free ourselves to be, do and have what we long for.

That’s what we’re doing in our Course, through teaching, daily practices, exercises about past experiences, inner resources, self-talk, and more.

I call this RADICAL Confidence because it applies to every area of Life, and to every situation. 

 It’s RADICAL Confidence because, when you discover it, you’re transformed. 


" Taking a Course on RADICAL CONFIDENCE doesn't mean that you're broken, or deficient, or a loser. It means you are optimizing your ability to reach your potential. Most of us can use a more plentiful supply of Confidence than we already have. " Meriah Kruse

I’m Teaching a 5-Step Process:

STEP ONE:      Commit to working on Confidence as if it were something tangible and indispensable. 

STEP TWO:     Take part in an appraisal of what your Confidence is like right now by looking at both the past and the present.

STEP THREE:  Mine your past experiences and achievements for Confidence Gold. Dive deeply into a process of identifying and remembering your inner resources. Start giving yourself more credit!

STEP FOUR:    Become familiar with some of the negative stories you’re telling yourself about yourself.  Learn a profound formula for unravelling undermining beliefs and replacing them with more affirming and Confident narratives.

STEP FIVE:      Develop a daily practice of Envisioning and Affirming as a means of continuing to feed your Confidence over time as it grows. Learn to protect it as if it were a living, breathing thing. 

The Four Modules

MODULE ONE: Noticing How You Feel Becomes the Priority

Purpose of Module One:

  • See clearly the Confidence you have now and understand how it operates in the background. 
  • Develop an awareness of your current paradigm and learn what to expect when your paradigm begins to shift due to awakening additional Confidence
  • Learn Part One of Your Wisdom Mantra
  • Explore the value of identifying and celebrating victories

LESSON 1:  Awakening Your Super Power

How uncovering your Confidence transforms your experience. Experiential learning and the use of Interventions.

LESSON 2: A Self-Reflection Process:  The Confidence Appraisal Worksheet

LESSON 3:  Your Wisdom Mantra and Your Commitment to Feeling Good

Your Wisdom Mantra, Part One. Noticing the flavor and content of your many feelings throughout the day.

LESSON 4:  Switching Paradigms and the Inevitable Rise of Resistance

Identifying resistance and preparing for its likely arrival as you change and become more Confident

LESSON 5:  Celebrating Every Victory

Introduction to your Victory Journal

RESOURCES:  Confidence Appraisal Worksheet

Victory Journal Worksheet

Ideas for Daily Practice

MODULE TWO: Galvanize Your Triumphs

Purpose of Module Two:

  • Set an intention for the day, each day.
  • Bring your inner resources to the forefront so that you experience more of your magnificence every day.
  • Integrate your resources into your present Life to uncover more of your Confidence
  • Learn a simple formula for monitoring your thoughts and your frame of mood.
  • Learn Your Wisdom Mantra, Part Two.

LESSON 1: Have a Vision for the Day

The power of setting intentions. Your Wisdom Mantra: Part Two

LESSON 2:  Remember Your Resources

Reviewing the wisdom, skills, discoveries, and accomplishments from various stages of your Life.

LESSON 3:  Using the Remember Your Resources Worksheet

LESSON 4:  The NEDS Process

Your frame of mood and the NEDS Process:  Notice, Experience, Detach and Shift

Resources:  Remember Your Resources Worksheet

Ideas for Daily Practice

MODULE THREE: Revise the Stories You Tell Yourself About Yourself

Purpose of Module Three:

  • Discern the presence and influence of beliefs
  • Learn a formula for working with the undermining beliefs that are negatively contributing to your Confidence
  • Practice using this formula
  • Learn Your Wisdom Mantra, Part Three

LESSON 1:  Introduction to Beliefs and the Stories You Compose to Explain Them

Your Wisdom Mantra, Part three

LESSON 2: Introduction to the Belief Busting Formula

LESSON 3:  When I Believe…

Looking Closely at Your Beliefs. Drawing on your work from Module One to identify undermining beliefs

LESSON 4: …Then I feel…

Confidence and Undermining Beliefs

LESSON 5: … and the result is…

What happens when you hold on to undermining beliefs?

LESSON 6:  Who Would You Be?

What would your Life and your Confidence look and feel like if you no longer held this belief? Discovering a new story.

Resources: Belief Busting Formula and Worksheet

Belief Busting Examples

Ideas for Daily Practice

MODULE FOUR: More Fire in the Belly

Purpose of Module Four:

  • Demonstrate the power of speaking aloud and using power poses in a daily practice of Your Wisdom Mantra
  • Suggest ways you can keep growing and preserving your Confidence over time after you’ve completed the RADICAL CONFIDENCE Course.

LESSON 1:  Confidence and the Power of Speaking Aloud

LESSON 2:  Choosing Your Power Pose

LESSON 3: The Full Wisdom Mantra Practice

LESSON 4:  Treating Your Confidence as a Living, Breathing Thing

Ways to Keep Growing

Resource:  More Fire in the Belly Reminder document

Enrollment Details

Until Saturday, February 16
Radical Confidence will remain open for registration:
$197 for the entire course

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Is the course live or recorded?
It’s all pre-recorded. You can listen and watch anytime you want, and start and stop as often as you like.
Q:  Do I need to keep up with the course as the modules are released?
No, you certainly do not. We’ll release a module about every 2 weeks, but you can proceed at your own pace. You won’t be missing out on anything or messing up the process in any way.  The course is flexible in time.
Q:  Will I be able to enroll for the course after the Early Bird deadline?
Yes indeed. You’ll be able to enroll at the full retail price, which is $197, at least until February 16.
Q: Is there the possibility of adding on a coaching session as part of my program?
Yes, I’ll be making a limited number of sessions available at the price of $150 for 75 minutes.  That’s on the low end of my usual charges, but since you’ve already committed to an online course, I want to honor that. Plus, I want to work with you, of course!
Q: Is there a guarantee?
Yes, if you show me that you did all the work of at least the first 3 modules of the Radical Confidence course and you feel no appreciable improvement in your Confidence level, I’ll refund your enrollment fee. I’ll honor this for up to 45 days of the release of the first module.
Q:  Will I need to download the Course?
No. The only things you probably should download are the worksheets. The entire course will be accessible online, any time day or night once the modules are released.
Q:  Can I introduce a friend or family member to your  offer?
Yes, you sure can. 
Q:  When exactly will each of the 4 modules become available, and how long will they be available?
Module 1 will be released soon after Valentine’s Day.
Module 2.  the end of February
Module 3,  in the middle of March
Module 4,  at the end of March or early April
The Modules will be available for the foreseeable future.  I expect to keep the Course available as long as I’m in business, which should be about 10 years!
I hope these answers help you make your decision! 

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