My 20th Anniversary as a Feldenkrais Practitioner, coming soon      

It hardly seems like 20 years ago that I walked off the island of Maui with my Feldenkrais Method Certificate of Completion in hand. Yet, as of February, 2019, it will be 20 years. Although I’ve continued to explore other businesses and avocations in that time period — a massage therapy practice, producing international retreats,  founding a boutique greeting card company, and most recently, publishing a book and starting a new career as a marketing coach for holistic practitioners — I’ve never stopped practicing the Feldenkrais Method.  What’s more, I doubt I ever will!

To celebrate, for starters, I’m offering something special that I hope will entice you to FINALLY schedule a few Feldenkrais sessions for yourself, or return for a refresher if it’s been awhile — and see what all the fuss is about.


Mental - Emotional - Spiritual Benefits

Physical Benefits

  • Ability to relax, let go of stress that’s become a habit
  • Learn to “be in the present moment” — a profound mindfulness method
  • Create space for your mind to think more imaginatively, to land on new ideas and fresh perspectives
  •  Become radically more aware of your bodymind connection
  • If you want to learn to meditate, but find meditation difficult, Feldenkrais can serve as a much easier introduction  — a form of ‘movement meditation.”
  • Loosen up!  Be less compulsive
  • Become more astute at noticing the habits that are getting in your way
  • Contribute to an overall healing of body, mind and spirit
  • Perk back up again, return to a greater state of normalcy after surgery, trauma or hospitalization
  • Move smarter with arthritis
  • Find solutions for neck, shoulder and back pain
  • Feel  more agile than you have in years
  • Loosen up!  Move more freely!
  • Regain your beautiful upright posture — even those with scoliosis will see and feel improvements
  • Keep your body going so you can do the things you love for as long as possible
  • Contribute to an overall healing of body, mind and spirit
  • Find a smart way of moving that makes everything else you do feel better

$225 for 3 Lessons (60 minutes each)

thank you. now let's set up your appointments!
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