Two Strands Converge

Photo by Andrew Palmer, from Unsplash

Life Force Marketing was born from two converging strands. One is a deep appreciation for holistic healing practitioners, mission-driven artists and solopreneurs — and retirees venturing into the business world for the first time. The second strand? A desire to share what I’ve learned during 30+ years of promoting people, events, causes and organizations that matter to me. Incorporating not only this historical wisdom, but also the very latest in marketing techniques being used by successful businesses on the internet today, Life Force Holistic Marketing provides both informed guidance and direct services (websites, brochures, e-newsletters, and much more). Ultimately my aim is to show how you can engage your personal life force in a vital adventure: reaching the potential you imagine for your business or practice through a vision- and heart-centered type of marketing that you will feel comfortable aligning yourself with, and may even learn to enjoy. In my opinion, you deserve it.
Andrew Palmer

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