Does Money Have a Set Point?
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Does Money Have a Set Point?

Join us in an ongoing exploration about Money, how to stop worrying about it, and how to make space for more of it to arrive.

Does Money Have a Set Point?

Today I decided to talk to you straight up about something I rarely write about — Money, and the relationships we have with it. 

For most of my adult Life, worrying about Money was a constant battle, even though I’ve had several successful businesses and, at times, abundant cash flow. I’ve been in charge of a $300,000 annual budget for a dance organization. I’ve successfully written grants for a quarter of a million dollars. Over the duration of my bodywork career, I brought in a similar amount. I certainly haven’t been steeped in wealth, but I have supported myself and, earlier, my son.

I always had more than one income source, and still I rarely felt at ease.

Throughout this process there’s been a consistent worry about Money that stayed with me, constantly nagging, whether I actually ‘had enough’ Money in the bank or not.

Is this at all familiar to you?

Only in the recent past has this fixation, and everything that goes with it, lifted. 




Some years ago it was a trend in weight loss circles to talk about “set points” in body weight. The idea of the body weight set point is that our bodies are programmed to be a certain weight or to store a certain amount of fat and that the body will ‘fight back’ against any attempts to change this predetermined weight. 

Some time ago I began to think about whether we also have a set point in relation to Money. 

Do we have a certain amount of money that becomes our default level and a certain relationship to the inflow and outflow of Money that we tend to fall into no matter how hard we try to escape it.?

I’m interested in Habit, both of behavior and of thinking. I’m fascinated by devising ways to turn our Habits in the direction that is most beneficial for us. Putting Choice back into what is usually Habitual effects every aspect of Life, so I’ve spent a lot of time thinking, practicing, devising and writing on the subject of Habit change.

So here I’m basically saying that many of us have a habitual way of looking at Money and a habitual EXPECTATION of how much Money we will have access to. That’s what I mean by the Money Set Point.

A "Change Your Money Mindset" Question for You

What is your money set point, your habitual way of looking at money? How much do you tend to have access to?