Livelihood of the Heart

I have a great appreciation for holistic practitioners and creative service providers. Many have been my peers during the past 25+ years: massage therapists, Feldenkrais practitioners and other movement educators, choreographers, performing artists, wellness and health coaches, energy workers, acupuncturists, art, dance and music therapists, naturopaths, and spiritual and life coaches. 

I’ve observed that this group of people, most of whom have chosen to serve others as a livelihood-of-the-heart, are a dominant force for good in the world.

Through a lengthy process of marketing myself and the companies and projects I’ve worked with, I’ve honed my knowledge of a particular approach to marketing, something that, to an extent, erupted from my own experiences.  I’m calling it ‘Holistic Marketing.’

Now I’ve written a book in hopes of passing some of this knowledge on to you. I know you can become successful faster and more efficiently than I did. I don’t want you to have to spend the many hours I did sifting through the endless library of marketing advice available online. I don’t want you to suffer through years of trial and error to finally figure out what works. 

I wrote this book so you can find a way of promoting your work in the world that allows you to be genuine, producing something you’re proud of that’s valuable to your potential clients and yourself.

Ours Is Not the Domain of Business and Greed

Do you experience a disconnect when you try to reconcile your love of people — and the reason you got into your profession in the first place — with the need to engage in marketing, the domain of business and greed? 

By using my book as a how-to guide, you will surely arrive at a new starting point for your business. You can find yourself on the doorstep of a vibrant, intelligent, intuitive new approach to marketing yourself and your work that’s aligned with your values and fits with how you naturally interact with people. You’ll have enough understanding to immediately start building – or rebuilding — the thriving holistic, integrative, or creative private practice of your dreams.

You’ll see how marketing is part of your work in the world. Applying the principles of holistic marketing, knowledgably and sincerely, will help you fulfill two of the most important roles you have as a solo service provider: 

  1. Making yourself visible to those who need what you have to offer;
  2. Speaking about your work in such a way that, when they do discover you, they’ll recognize you’re the person they’ve been looking for, the professional who can help them solve an important problem.
  3. Your reluctance or distaste for marketing yourself will decrease, or even fade away, as you see the amount of good you’re doing for others by fulfilling these two roles.

After all, what’s the use of having outstanding skills, world-class training, highly developed sensitivity, intuition and perceptive abilities and a vast knowledge base if no one knows you’re there or how you could help them?