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I come from a long line of Money worriers! Like many others from my generation, my grandparents lived through the Great Depression where Money and everything else was scarce for most people. My mother and father were successful financially, but always frugal and cautious, especially because they were raising a lot of children!

As a longstanding self-employed artist, wellness practitioner, and entrepreneur there have been many years when I’ve found Money hard to come by. Over the years I’ve worked hard to learn how to manage my Money better, and how to stop worrying about it! Once I understood how much anxiety I had around the subject I knew that I had to do something to change “the way I was wired about Money.” I now think of this work as Changing My Money Story

I’ve practiced affirmations, self-reflection, guided visualizations, journaling, breath work and meditation — coached by numerous excellent teachers — and, gradually, I have largely left Money worry in my past where it belongs! 

I’m much more relaxed about Money now and that’s why I am developing programs that will help you do the same so you can enjoy your Life more and have less fear about doing some of the things that really matter to you!

I’m now a holistic marketing coach for people like myself who are building businesses in the arts, education or wellness fields — primarily clients who are actively working to make the world a better place. I recently realized that, in addition to addressing the “inner game of business” and the nuts and bolts of marketing, I also must address our attitudes about Money straight on. That’s when I decided to add this new section devoted to Money to my website. Check back often, especially in the blog posts. There will be lots to reflect on that may help you feel a little more potent in shaping the financial side of your Life.

For starters, I suggest you pick up a copy of my new e-book: The Money Rant!

Meriah Kruse

CEO, Author, Improviser, Greeting Card Designer, Earth Lover, Grandmother… and HOLISTIC MARKETING COACH