Money Mindset

Money is Not What You Think It Is: Money is an Exchange of Energy

Rather than thinking of Money as something that's a problem, an aggravation, or something evil to be avoided, I have taken the position that I love Money, and that it loves me back. This may sound silly, but that's because we're thinking of Money as paper, or coins, or gold, a number in a bank account, or an event that occurs when we pull out a credit card or checkbook.
Meriah Kruse
Author, "The Money Rant"

So many of us are looking for and experimenting with ways to increase our feelings of joy and “enoughness” around Money, to turn our worry into positive expectation, and to get out of our own way and allow Money to flow.

Open up to a new perspective on Money, turn your worry into positive expectation, and watch your circumstances begin to change. We’re sharing ideas and encouragment on these pages

Meriah’s perspective on how this Money work began and where it may be going.

An introduction to a way of thinking about Money that creates a new emotional response.

News about a potent e-book designed to transform your attitudes about Money and enhance your ability to draw it into your Life.