A Colorful, Uplifting Book to Help You Build a Stronger Business

If you want to be a force for good in the world and make more money doing what you love, this book was written for you.   —Meriah Kruse 

I’m  Meriah Kruse, a holistic marketing coach and author of   Life Force Marketing: A Prosperity Guidebook for Holistic Practitioners Who Don’t Like Marketing. In this book I share the knowledge and wisdom gleaned from over 25 years of marketing experience as a leader in self-started organizations, small businesses, and complex events and projects; 10 years of study in marketing principles from some of the best coaches in the business; and a lifetime of study and practice in profound spiritual principles of prosperity and happiness. 

I wrote Life Force Marketing in recognition of the many hands-on and helping professionals engaged in what I call “a livelihood of the heart” — many of whom are my friends and peers. As a former choreographer and long-time therapeutic bodyworker and Feldenkrais Practitioner myself, I understand that you may resist marketing your business or project because it feels too much like stepping into the domain of business and greed. I realize that, in many cases, you may not have much experience with marketing or have no idea of what to do next to grow a healthier business or propel yourself  forward toward the completion of an exciting project you’ve dreamed up and feel passionate about. You may be like many of my clients who are talented and accomplished in their particular skill area but feel lost when it’s time to market and sell their services. One thing I’ve learned is that, without that perspective, you may not reach the full potential for your business, or even fail completely.

Meriah Kruse, marketing coach, small business mentor, and author of Life Force Marketing, Radical Confidence, (an online course). 

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My new book is a must-read for anyone who wants to be a force for good in the world and needs guidance staying focused, identifying the steps to take, and mastering the inner game of Vision, self-confidence and perseverance.

Holistic and creative visionaries of many sorts: massage therapists, Feldenkrais practitioners, health coaches, acupuncturists, teachers, arts administrators, ministers, network marketers, energy workers, arts therapists and others have benefitted from the stories, lessons, and hands-on exercises in my book..

“Life Force Marketing seams together a potent prosperity mind-technology book with solid marketing strategies and advice.”  Balin Kruse-Williams, Contributing Editor

Designed to help you develop a clear and compelling Vision, set aside undermining beliefs that get in the way, learn why it’s important to celebrate every victory, promote yourself honestly without feeling compromised or disgusted, and make more money doing what you love. Learn to: decide who your likely customers are, tell a compelling story about your work, choose ways to spread your story, and so much more.

The book is written in an easy-to-read, conversational style and organized around 10 Steps for Creating a Healthier Small Business (scroll down to read about the 10 steps…) 8-1/2 x 11, 224 pages

$26.95 each

Here's my Promise:

Life Force Marketing will help you work through confusion and indecision and take the necessary next steps for the success of your heart-centered service business or project. If you even read half of this book, you’ll come away believing more strongly in your mission and vision than you do already, and you’ll find yourself uplifted to a delicious feeling of certainty that YOU CAN DO IT!

You can find yourself on the doorstep of a vibrant, intelligent, intuitive new approach to marketing yourself and your work that’s aligned with your values and fits with how you naturally interact with people. You’ll have enough understanding to immediately start building – or rebuilding — the thriving holistic, integrative, or creative private practice or brilliant project of your dreams.

What to Expect? THE TEN STEPS

Step 1         ENVISION the Life you want to live 

Explore a 6-step prosperity process that will serve you for a lifetime. It will point you toward a clear Vision of the Life you want to live and the work you want to do.

Step 2         REVISE the stories you tell yourself about yourself

Know how to address your inner dialogue and stay positive while you build your business, even on the days when it’s not easy.

Step 3         REMEMBER your resources, a fresh way of looking at assets and your Life experience

Experience a renaissance in understanding the power of your existing resources, including how they can shape the stories you tell.

Step 4        CHOOSE the people you want to serve and what to offer them.

Understand what a target audience is, why you should choose one and how to make the choice. You’ll develop a new sense of clarity about your purpose.

Step 5        COMPOSE your compelling stories.

Discover the best stories you could be telling about yourself and your work and the most important people who should hear your story. You’ll create your elevator speech, business name, one-minute conversation, leading questions, and a biographical statement.

Step 6        SELECT a strategy for spreading your stories.

You’ll survey the marketing channels you could use to share your stories with potential clients and select the 2, 3 or 4 best ones for you. You’ll learn to relax and enjoy the ride!  

Step 7        BUILD your marketing infrastructure.

Know the advantages and disadvantages of building your marketing channels yourself vs. hiring someone to help. You’ll learn some of the essential questions to ask when enlisting assistance. 

Step 8        ENLIST others to encourage and teach you, keep you on track.

Understand the importance of having a formal or informal team behind you, and also what’s reasonable to expect from different kinds of helpers.

Step 9        CONTINUE to follow-up, look forward, monitor, listen, and revise.

Delve into the long-term process of maintaining a business over time, including what to pay attention to and how to prepare.

Step 10    CELEBRATE every victory!

Come away with a deep-seated understanding that celebrating every victory is not just the cherry on top, but a commitment to yourself that will make every day more joyful.

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