Open Your Heart to Money


Opening your heart to Money is a pathway to seeing Money differently.

Rather than thinking of Money as something that’s a problem, an aggravation, or something evil to be avoided, I have taken the position that I love money, and that it loves me back. This may sound silly, but that’s because we’re thinking of Money as paper, or coins, or gold,  a number in a bank account, or an event that occurs when we pull out a credit card or checkbook.

When you affirm that you love Money (for the right reasons), you can acknowledge what it really is — a form of Energy exchange. Just as what you love, you tend to attract — so it is with Money.

And, if you also affirm that Money loves YOU, you may feel a warmth in your heart, a kind of sweetness about Money that has previously been missing from your attitudes and emotional repertoire.

As we open our hearts to Money, amazing things begin to happen. We start noticing all the feelings about Money that we’ve been secretly harboring, and the degree to which these feelings are influencing our quality of Life.

So, you may be wondering, "How DO I open my heart to Money?"

There are many ways.  I’m currently enrolled in an amazing program designed by John Assaraf and his team at NeuroGym called “Winning the Game of Money.” It’s everything I’d hoped for. He’s doing many of the things I’ve hoped to do, including collaborating with neuroscientists and incorporating the latest technologies for helping students to make genuine progress in their Money Life. 

You can learn more about his program HERE.

However, if you’re not ready to take the plunge into NeuroGym’s program just yet, watch this space for reflections, affirmations, breathing exercises and other strategies that can help you move the Money needle in the right direction.  You can start turning your worry into positive expectation right now! I’ve recently put together a collection of affirmations and teachings I know you’ll find helpful. It’s called The Money Rant.

Get your copy of The Money Rant today and begin using this unique set of Money affirmations — for only $7.