Part 2 Improve Your Online Presentations:  Set an Intention

Part 2 Improve Your Online Presentations: Set an Intention

Part 2:  Set and Declare Clear INTENTIONS

(This is the second segment in a 5-part series, soon to be released as an e-book… mid-summer 2020)

In the last post, Part 1, I talked about forms of preparation that can give you a strong inner game when you’re planning your next Facebook Live, webinar, live speech, podcast appearance, etc.  Today’s let’s talk about another mindset element:  Setting and Declaring a Clear Intention.

I’ve been trying to remember when the idea of setting a clear intention came into my Life, and I think it was through a training I attended in the San Francisco Bay Area when I was still in my 20’s. It was called the est training  (Erhard Seminar Trainings).  The est training was famous at the time as being cutting edge; I’ve since realized that much of the understanding of Life that’s propulgated by leading teachers and personal growth gurus today comes from the teachings in this training, whether they know it or not.

Sometimes we don’t know when we’re being exposed to a new idea that it will become central to the way we operate from that point forward.  Setting an intention is like that for me.

I had a conversation with a friend a while back; she wasn’t familiar with this concept and didn’t see its value immediately. This reminded me that there are so many fundamental yet essential approaches to living Life that we’re never taught unless we are fortunate, as I was, to have an influential parent, teacher, mentor or coach along the way.

For me, setting an intention is numero uno. This simply means that, before I do something, I decide in advance what I want the outcome to be.

What if this could go exactly as I want it to?
What would that look like?

Do I do this all the time? No.

And I usually regret it when I go tripping and falling into an activity without deciding in advance what I would like to see happen from it. This is especially true in business, but it also applies to relationships, planning your day, travel, your wellness pursuits, your activism, and so much more.

Being ‘intentional’ is a way of telling the Universe in advance what you have in mind. Having set an intention, it’s easier to make the right decisions, intuit the right steps, and attract the magic of serendipity into your outcomes.


High performance coach, trainer, and best-selling author Brendon Burchard is one of my favorite mentors, a really outstanding teacher (I highly recommend his book, High Performance Habits, if you haven’t read it yet. You may still be able to get a free copy by following this link.) He talks about setting an intention in many of his courses and lectures.

“Getting clear about your intentions is kind of like day-dreaming. You let your mind wander into the land of What If?”

Brendon and Denise Burchard, from their Transformation Week

Here are a few examples; this will help you become clearer about your intentions.

  • WHAT IF I could accomplish exactly what I want through this appearance/presentation? What would that be?
  • WHAT IF I understood fully who I’m trying to reach or help and allowed that to inform my presence?
  • WHAT IF I do my very best? Who will benefit?
  • WHAT IF I know for certain that I have put enough energy into mastering my topic?
  • WHAT IF I decide in advance how I want to feel — body, mind, and spirit — during the delivery?
  • WHAT IF I get my voice, body, movement, script, environment, appearance, personality, and intentions all in alignment while delivering my presentation?  What will that feel like to me? To my audience?
  • WHAT IF I get a positive response from my listeners/audience/students?  What would that look like?


Celebrate every victory! Even getting clear about your intentions is a big step in the direction of improving your online presence.

To learn more about Improving Your Live and Online Presentations, check out the other posts in the series of 5, and watch for our upcoming book, to be released mid-summer 2020.