Proof is on the Way: Perseverance

Finally, after almost 90 dizzying days of working digitally with the formatting, the cover design, and getting it all to work in the mechanized bowels of Amazon’s printing arm, CreateSpace, I will be receiving my very first PRINTED PROOF of my upcoming book in 2 more days!  Just when I was beginning to wonder if my manuscript would ever leap from the computer screen onto actual paper, something shifted.

I’m thrilled to say that the Proof is on the Way.

I’m telling you all of this, not because I imagine you’re particularly fascinated by the self-publishing process, but because I want to illustrate with my own personal example that moving in the direction of something new, something really worthy, will always result in obstacles to overcome and the need to re-commit, over and over. 

Have you ever delved into the world of self-publishing?  This is my first time. I’ve been at it steadily for a year and a month. It’s been both a thrill ride and a seemingly endless royal pain.  You know, it’s just challenging to get one’s ideas ‘on paper’ and make it possible for the reader to understand what’s being said.  On days when the writing is going well, the passionate need to get the words out for others to read is overwhelming. On days when the writing is stalled, it’s quite easy to lose my way altogether.

SELF-publishing triples the number of things you must contend with in order to produce — not only a bunch of great words on paper — but also a book that’s visually appealing, readable, organized, and well-designed.  Yowza!

The process has stretched me to my last nerve, but the result has been a visceral reminder about this re-committing idea. I’d almost go so far as to say that a willingness to re-commit is a greater determinant of reaching our dreamscapes than most other factors.  Yes, we can be highly talented. Yes, we may have all the outer resources required for the task we have in mind. And, certainly, yes, we may have coaching or assistance from others that provide some wind beneath our wings.

However, if we don’t have perseverance, the willingness to commit again and again, it will all come to naught.  Our Proof will most certainly fail to arrive.

Stop and think, when was the last time YOU were called on to dig deep and plumb your own inner resources of persistence and self-belief to keep on going when you were tired of the whole business and wanting nothing more than to STOP and say, “This isn’t working out; maybe another time.”

What do you do when you’ve had enough of the effort but your results haven’t arrived yet? I have a few suggestions:

If you are in the midst of something important right now, a Vision that thrills you to the very marrow of your bones, try reminding yourself that this Vision can help to sustain you when you run into the inevitable obstacles and faltering self-belief.

Remind yourself that this requirement of perseverance is to be expected!  It happens to everyone. It’s part of the process. Lean in, remind yourself that it’s time to re-commit, that doing so is the next step in your journey, that you’re right where you’re supposed to be.

As my mentor, Mary Morrissey, often says, “This is what it looks like when you’re on the way to where you’re going.”

One day soon, if you keep that Vision out in front of your eyes, eventually YOUR Proof will be on the Way.  Your Vision, and your willingness to re-commit will be largely responsible for its arrival– and for the grand celebration that will ensue because YOU DID IT!

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