We can help you build a healthier, stronger business that brings you more joy and more money.

Do you want to increase your visibility? Tired of having a smaller clientele than you’re capable of serving? Need new ways to promote your business? 

Longing to spread your wings and try something new but don’t know exactly how? Not sure which technology you need to master or how to begin?

Do you need support from someone who’s done all this before?  Would you like help prioritizing, knowing what to do next, developing a laser focus, or staying on track in the midst of all that Life can throw at you?

Want an accountability partner or to join a master mind group? 

We can probably help.

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

We can partner with you in completing projects, improving your mindset, developing better work habits, overcoming the obstacles in your path, defining a powerful, clear Vision to guide your efforts, attracting more of the perfect clients, and so much more.


Solo and Online TEACHING

A LA CARTE Services

If your marketing needs an overhaul,  you’re rethinking your brand, or  you’re starting something from scratch — and you want someone guiding you through the  process — coaching is for you. I’ll help you identify the choices to make, the actions to take to achieve what you are after. Providing encouragement, feedback, clarification, and concrete direction on what to do next and how to do it,  from defining your Vision to implementing your Strategic Marketing Plan, I’m with you every step of the way. We can also work together if you’re already fully engaged in a marketing plan but need coaching on a new initiative or unfamiliar activity — or if you’re feeling stuck. The specifics of how we work together  are tailored to your situation and fully take into account what you want to accomplish, your resources and values. 

If you want to learn how to attract the clients you love to work with, increase your visibility in your community or online, and do most of the work on your own, I’m happy to teach you many practical aspects of self- marketing.  For instance, you can learn to write and tell a compelling story about yourself and your work, set up newsletters with a new email provider, do effective follow-up, develop your free consultation, set up automatic email messages, create a brochure on Canva, and much more. 


Primarily interested in commissioning specific marketing services without any teaching or coaching attached?  

You can hire us to do it for you!

Writing a series of blog posts, website copy, articles, or email messages, setting up an email service provider to build your mailing list, creating a newsletter, co-writing a script or coaching you on delivering your signature talk, setting up your Power Point, writing your Linked In profile or a press release, helping you choose a web designer, producing events, and other services are available on an a la carte basis.

My coaching clients get first dibs on my time for a la carte services, but I’m open to working with others as time allows.



These comprehensive business development programs, which can be held in person or online/phone are customized to your specific requirements, usually covering a period of 3 to 12 months. Pricing options depend on how frequently we meet, how much email and phone support you need between meetings, if your program includes copy editing, preparation of printed materials, etc.:

Monthly Retainer:

$400 – $900


Project Plans: 

$1,295 – $5,994



$247 per hour*

Meriah is also available for one-time consultations at the same rate.


*(ask about our reduced rates for Kentuckians)



A full list is available. *Here are a few samples :


Set up your email provider and mailing lists


Create an email newsletter, including editing your copy and doing image searches


Set up a series of automatic messages to go out in response to a particular event, to be used repeatedly, such as welcoming new people to your mailing list


Design a tri-fold brochure


Design, write, strategize and implement a list-building strategy, including one lead magnet and an autoresponder series

* Prices start at these figures; if there are aspects of your project that make it more difficult, we’ll discuss that in advance. Discounts available for Kentucky residents in many cases.