Money: Expecting Enough

Money: Expecting Enough


In one of my earlier professional incarnations, I was a dancer, choreographer, and dance educator. One of the many fun things about this work is that I frequently found myself standing in front of a room of people who expected me to lead. Usually it was a group of 8 – 30 people coming for an African dance or modern dance class. I loved teaching dance, and this kind of teaching was a mainstay of my daily life for many years.  Occasionally the size of the group would be greater, 500 in an elementary school, or 250 at a conference, for instance.

On one occasion when I was preparing for an event where I would be leading movement with a fairly large group of strangers, someone asked me, “Aren’t you afraid that they won’t go along with your idea, that they won’t get up and move?”

It was an odd thought at the time.  I answered in all honesty, “No, I’m not worried about that at all because when I stand in front of a group and start telling them what to do, how to move, they always do it.”  Admittedly, this does sound a bit like hubris to me now, but that was my expectation at the time – a certainty of my authority and a complete trust that people would do as I asked.

Somewhere along the line, later in Life, I tried to unravel the mystery of why I always felt lacking about Money, continually plagued by worry that I didn’t and wouldn’t have enough.  

I thought back to the dance question and my complete confidence that others would allow me to lead. I asked myself, “How can I take that same feeling of certainty and expectation and make it mine about Money? How can I change what I expect to receive?”

I committed to developing a new attitude, one that says, “Of course, Money will flow in because that’s just what Money does!  It flows.”

That question was one of the many interventions I have used to disentangle myself from a persistent low *Money Set Point. 

So, in case you’re dissatisfied with your own level of inflow, or your own worry and mindset about Money, try this on for yourself:

Ask yourself:

“In what area of my Life am I completely confident that I’ll have what I need?”

And then compare that to how you feel about the way Money flows in and out of your Life.


The tight, limiting bonds of Money worry that have tugged at me for a Lifetime have been shaken by my imaginative mental efforts. 
Meriah Kruse


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