Vision is the Beginning of Every Great Endeavor

Vision is the Beginning of Every Great Endeavor

Vision is the Beginning of Every Great Endeavor

Starting with a Vision is needed because without it each of us is a ship without a destination.  

Having a splendid technicolor, ‘felt’ Vision for yourself that thrills you to the very marrow of your bones is what provides the Life Force required for building and growing any enterprise and advancing toward the realization of any dream.

If your understanding of your mission, your aspirations and goals are vague, if for some reason you haven’t recently defined or re-defined them clearly and in living color, you’re operating at a grave disadvantage. 

Seriously. Moving forward without a vivid, heart-felt Vision is essentially a form of planning to fail. Without it, you lack the fuel needed to keep the warrior spirit alive as you craft your life-altering business, your exciting new life, or your fabulous project from the ethers.

Having a fresh point of view about how Money fits into your Life Vision is the cherry on top. It will encourage you to create a techni-color vibrant personal and professional Vision of a future you’d love to live. Envisioning will start you on a path toward what you’ve been dreaming of and accelerate your progress in that direction.

Your Vision is Your Guide:

With a Vision that you’ve invested in, thought about, written or talked about, clarified and amplified, you will always know which way to go.  It will be your reference point to help you stay on track. It will help you resist all manner of OTHER exciting possibilities and keep you focused. It will keep you from becoming distracted.

Your Vision is Your Motivator:

When you’re putting in extra time working on building what you long for, including an uplifting relationship with Money, of course at times you’ll encounter challenges. Also, from time to time your own thinking may be stirring up trouble!  You may be thinking, “This is not happening fast enough” or “How will I get past this obstacle?” or “Am I really on the right path?” Your Vision will motivate you to stay the course, search for a new answer, do a realistic assessment, get your thinking in check and keep going.

Your Vision is the Cosmic Spark that Lights the Way

In the work of Manifestation, there are forces at work behind the scenes that are as influential to our progress as gravity is to our stability.  We may not understand exactly why or how this happens (there was a day when we didn’t understand gravity, either!) but it’s well documented. Fortunately, you can prove it for yourself. If you have a Vision that lights you up, synchronicity kicks into gear.  The “luck” starts to go your way. Magic happens.

My story

At earlier stages of my life I didn’t actively envision the Life I wanted. I was often mystified by how I ‘fell into’ things. Sometimes I stuck with these things I fell into for years at a time!  I don’t regret those projects, careers, friendships, travels. After all, Life does have a way of taking us somewhere, especially if we aren’t actively designing our destination. That’s just how utterly grand Life is.

However, since I began ‘designing’ my life, being the author of my own experience more and more, I’m happier. I’m getting more of what I want out of Life. More Money flows my way with less effort and worry expended. I’m able to discriminate between a wonderful opportunity that moves me toward my Vision, or one that sounds terrific but really is a distraction.