Your Main Complaint

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Here's Something to Ponder...

"What would your Life be like without your main complaint?"

This question was put forth by the great Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith of Agape International Spiritual Center in November 2018. 
I love provocative questions that TEACH and this one definitely falls into that category!
Before I could answer, first I had to think about the concept of “main complaint.” I think I know what he’s getting at.
He’s not talking about the kind of complaint we make to the telephone company when our service is spotty, or to a family member when they disappoint us again.
He’s talking about the complaint that we make to the UNIVERSE! This complaint is persistent, operating below the surface of our Awareness, making all kinds of trouble for us. Because of this complaint, we feel grumpy, out of sorts, in a low frame of mood; we can descend into a perpetual state where blame, anger, or pessimism are lying just below the surface, waiting to color our interpretation of our day-to-day Life.
He’s talking about the primary source of our anxiety, our anger, our depression, our low expectations about living in general. The question is, what would our lives be like if we didn’t have that going on all the time?
I’ve identified my answer, and every single day I make a commitment… today my intention is to live without complaint, to recognize how good my beautiful Life already is, right now, to see through the powerful lens of Gratitude every day.  From that practice, Gratitude has gradually produced in me a great, and greater, Confidence. 
This is what’s available for us if we decide to truly pay attention to our lives on a moment to moment basis, not spacing out, but staying alive in the present moment. That’s what I wish for us all.

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