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“Life Force Marketing: A Prosperity Guidebook for Holistic Practitioners Who Don’t Like Marketing,” seams together a potent prosperity mind-technology book with solid how-to marketing advice. The book is written in an easy-to-read, conversational style and organized around 10 Steps to a Healthier Small Business. 

It’s a must-read for anyone who wants to be a force for good in the world and make more money doing what they love. Holistic, artistic, and creative visionaries of all sorts are welcome here! You will find that we speak your language. I understand that you don’t want to be pushy or obnoxious, but that you need to make a living—and I can show you how to reconcile those two sometimes conflicting desires.

Author Meriah Kruse (that’s me!) shares 35+ years of marketing experience as a leader in holistic and creative small business development and marketing…

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I wonder… Do you have something tremendously valuable — a talent, solution or skill to share —  but aren’t reaching and sharing your message with the very people you want to work with with?

Are you imagining or starting a new project and have a grand Vision in mind, but need support to stop procrastinating, stay focused, prioritize, make good decisions and persevere when you hit a roadblock?

Do you want to build a strong business with a steady flow of clients, more referrals, greater opportunities to expand your presence in your community, beyond, or online?

Are you longing to build more confidence and move beyond the limiting beliefs that keep you playing smaller than you know in your heart you’re capable of?

Are you unsure of how to best “tell the story” of how you want to and can  serve people and brighten up our world?

Do you feel sometimes like your Vision is beyond your capabilities to achieve?

Has your progress forward been slowed because you just don’t know where to begin or are afraid that you’ll lose your nerve before you achieve your dream?

As someone whose work could be described as a “livelihood of the heart,” you have something profound to share with the world. In order to spread the word in an organic, relaxed and ethical way about your services -and build a stronger business – from time to time you may want to enlist support from an experienced marketing visionary who respects and understands what you do and can help you get where you want to go.

“Meriah has an incredible ability to listen and help sort through the complex layers of a newly emerging vision; layers that involve history, new directions, strategy… Meriah has a remarkable ability to sense when a gentle gesture of mirroring a new idea I have is needed. And she also knows when a slightly stronger suggestion is needed – such as helping me to think about how to pace myself. I feel in good hands with Meriah Kruse.”

Katie Bull, Holistic Vocal Coach, Whole Body Voice, New York, NY

Build a Stronger Business:

Tell Your Story

Self-Promote Painlessly

Act with Confidence and Positive Beliefs

Improve Your Relationship with Money



Has Your Inflow of New Clients Slowed to a Trickle?

Are you relocating or changing from working with a group to a solo practice -- or evolving what you offer people? Not sure what to do next, how to make a plan? Do you want to have someone standing beside you who can help you design and implement fresh marketing and promotion ideas step-by-step so you don't waste a lot of time and money on things that don't work?

Are You Reaching for More Income and Freedom In Your Business?

Perhaps your practice is supporting you, but not thriving at the level you've always hoped for. You may be falling short of reaching your goals for time and money freedom. Are you postponing your desires to explore the world, dive into juicy creative projects, spend more time with your family, or immerse yourself in the wildness of Nature? Are you beginning to lose your Confidence that everything you've planned for can be yours?

Are You Struggling to Tell Your Story in a Way that Attracts New Clients?

Maybe you already have a healthy practice, but want to find new ways to generate more income. Need someone to help you evaluate and generate possible new directions, additions to your current practice that can add more revenue? Have you noticed that even though you have ideas for moving forward you keep procrastinating, or you start something new and don't finish it? Do you know a fair amount already about marketing but don't have the time -- or the interest -- in designing or implementing new marketing initiatives yourself?

Are You Just Starting a New Career After Completing a Training Program?

Perhaps you recently completed your training program and now you're deeply excited about what you have to share with the world. Even though you learned a little bit about growing a practice in your training program, are you still not sure where to begin? Do you have a hundred questions about what's going to work best in developing and promoting your brand new practice? Do you have a nagging concern about being able to support yourself with your new endeavors? Could you use support in telling your story, acting with Confidence and promoting yourself painlessly?

Is Your Dislike for Marketing Holding Back Your Progress?

As a holistic healing artist or creative entrepreneur trying to make a living at what you love, you may not know where to begin or even dread the idea of self-promotion. You may simply have difficulty making time for it and staying accountable to yourself in this area. I understand completely! There's a way to approach your marketing without feeling sleazy or pushy. You can promote yourself and what you offer and still remain true to your values. Meriah Kruse

If you like to put your heart into your work...

If you do holistic, somatic, wellness or healing work with individuals or groups...

Provide creative, educational or personal services to customers or clients...

Or you're starting something new after a lifetime of working for someone else...

Life Force Marketing was made for You!

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